Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Something Different This Way Comes

I thought I would share something different this morning. There is plenty of place for looking into the deep things of the Word. There is plenty of place for discussing teachings and practices that I believe are harmful to Christians and Christ's Church. This morning I just want the simple. Don't worry, I'm not going into that whole "don't give me doctrine, just give me Jesus" crapola. But, I believe true doctrine is inherently devotional -that is, teaching from the Bible is Christ-centered by nature and points our souls and praise toward Him. Therefore, even the most simple truths... the ones that remain just on the surface... are the most beautiful.

Does this mean we shun teachings such as the sovereign grace of God? By no means! If its in the Bible, then God has purpose in revealing it to us for the glory of His Name and that of Christ Jesus, His Son. However, it means that there are times, like this morning, when my mind is so cluttered that it aches for something simple and pure. It aches for pure, unadulterated, Savior. My soul and mind long for nothing else than the simple message of Bread from heaven. Battling what doctors call "obsessive compulsive disorder" (OCD), there are many days when that is all I have to cling to because my mind is so messed up. Seldom do I get to enjoy much more, in fact, but enjoyable it is! Even when I begin to obsess, anxiety sets in, and my thoughts/emotions do not come into line as I wish, there is something that comforts deeper than these. It tells me, "rest". For this I thank God.

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