Thursday, March 24, 2005


I received the following in an email from a sister in Christ. They were sent out to many by her to provoke contemplation.

> Why is it so hard to tell the truth...yet so easy to tell a lie,
> why do we sleep in the church..but when the sermon is over we
> suddenly wake up?, why is it so hard to talk about God...but so
> easy to talk about sex?, why are we so bored to look at a Christian
> magazine...but so easy to read a playboy magazine?, why is it so
> easy to delete a godly offline messages ...yet we forward the nasty
> ones? why are churches getting smaller...but yet bars and clubs are
> growing??.....think about it....

I offer the following answers, to the Christian community, to duly provoke more contemplation from laity and overseers alike.

1. Because our churches, some more than others, have overall ceased preaching the Gospel. We preach success, morality, self-fulfillment, 5 steps to betterment, but hardly ever do we preach the full severity of the Law, how helpless and steeped in sin we are, and how matchless and righteous is our Savior, Jesus, on our behalf and upon the cross. We are more concerned with being like the world, and attracting the world through worldly means, than changing it by preaching the Word to dead hearts that God might grant them repentance.

2. Because many in the church, and even in the pulpits, are unconverted and living the lie of self salvation through their personal decision or commitment to Jesus and church. It logically follows: if we keep preaching a false gospel, then eventually we will be overrun by false converts to that false gospel. Did we expect something different? We are not replacing ourselves with converts, or if we are, then we are replacing them with those whose growth is so stunted by the spirit of the age that one could hardly tell the difference.

3. Lastly, because although we have been given a heart of flesh in place of the heart of stone, we are still sinners. To deny this and assume we somehow have gained the ability to observe God's Law perfectly is a terrible mistake. If we think that just because we are Christians we can obey the "greatest commandment", then we are sorely mistaken. Let us give up on our self righteousness and fall to the foot of the cross! And in the process, let us proclaim this truth to the unconverted with unshattered boldness!


Jeff said...

Yea, why are those who have tasted Christ (especially me!) still so entagled in sin and desire God so little at times...

Maybe we need more PDL?? ;)

Tim said...

Yeah... thats it. We just haven't found our true "SHAPE" yet.

I think we just need more Jesus -to keep on keepin on, to keep our eyes upon Him. Our sinful flesh will be with us all of our days, and we don't have the power to eradicate it, but Christ already has overcome it.

Tim said...

Reminds me of what a Lutheran pastor once said to me...

"The Christian life is not about living your whole life trying to keep yourself from sinning -it is about living by forgiveness in Christ"

I think he is right on. The irony is... the more I focus upon my sin and beat myself up over it, trying to forcibly keep myself from doing it again, the more I actually do it! On the other hand, the more I live by the grace of Christ, the less of a burden and the more of a joy it is to live in goodness. In fact, I can't help but be led in goodness.

Tim said...

To reiterate:

When we try to put ourselves back under the Law, the flesh rebels and pushes back twice as hard. He tries to climb up out of the grave and attain that which he cannot. However, accepting the wickedness and helplessness of the flesh, by living in forgiveness in Christ the "new man" steps forward -and the new man, by nature, does what is good.