Saturday, April 16, 2005

Why I Don't Care About "One Nation Under God"

These days its extremely fashionable for Christians -even nominal Christians- to become irate over the idea of "One Nation Under God" being stricken from the Pledge of Allegiance. I really think it is a total waste of time. Are we a nation under God? Well, we are a nation, among others, under God's sovereign rule and providence, but other than that... what makes us "under God?" We hate God, and that is quite evident by how we live and what we find important. If anything, the issue is another of Satan's clouds of comfiness that he throws toward human religiosity. We, as humans, feel united and like we are doing something good if we band together over something like this. Things like the Gospel, the inerrancy of Scripture, the Sovereign Kingship of God, the Deity of Christ all become blurred lines so long as we all agree that "One nation under God" must remain part of the Pledge.

To me, removing the phrase from the Pledge will be the first step in honesty this country has taken. We aren't under God, unless it benefits us or gives us a warm fuzzy feeling about nostalgia, and morals, and what makes this country great. Listen, we live in a country where babies are killed, people of the same gender are having sex with one another and now want to be able to redefine the covenant of marriage, and those of the "conservative right" who are considered people of God are either completely indistinguishible from the world or so full of self-righteousness and legalism that they just give the world more reason to laugh. This country is anything *but* "under God", and I think it is a great first step to admit that.

Next time someone says, "Did you hear about that court ruling on the Pledge of Allegiance?" or the next time I get one of those bogus e-petitions about something like that, I may respond with... "Hey, did you realize that the reason these things are taking place is because we, as a collective nation, AREN'T people who love God? We have created a god we are comfortable with and really couldn't give a rat's ass about the true God. We are enemies of God, no matter how much we wish to flatter ourselves. Did you realize that while we sit here, discussing back and forth about the Pledge of Allegiance, people -even ones who are for "one nation under God" staying- still hate God and are ignorant of His righteousness?" God is not on the "side" of a nation that hates His righteousness, scorns His judgment, and mocks His sovereignty. We live in a land of "me-first" and its all about our autonomy. If ever we came to admit that God is the only One truly free, then I can only imagine what would happen... riots, more violence, but only repentance if God so graciously granted to us. Yeah, its sad to see God being removed from every arena of government and education, but what did you expect? Honestly, how long did you expect the lie to keep going?

Lets skip this nonsense and get to the real issue. Legislation only goes so far. The problem is that we are fallen people with sick hearts. The problem is that the visible church in this nation is complacent, lazy, out of focus, dead, and too concerned with trivial moral issues or their own personal spiritual success, thier own "shape", to get to the real issue. We are so obsessed with self that we wouldn't know the truth if it bit our bulbous, purpose-driven rear-end off. The apostles turned the ancient world upside down, by God's grace, through the proclamation of the Word of God... the judgment of God against sin, and the grace of God in Jesus Christ revealed in the Gospel. I think that is a good place, and the only place, to start.

In some way, even though it frightens me, I welcome the horrible changes that will inevitably happen in our nation. I welcome the persecution that will probably come. I honestly think it won't be very long until those who really proclaim the truth are forced to go under-ground. I am glad that the Church will be persecuted, because perhaps it will wake us up a bit. It will separate the wheat from the chaff. It will snap us out of our fluff of lullabye sentimentalism and self-absorption. Suddenly, finding our "purpose" won't be so important. Suddenly, the only thing that will really be important is the only thing we have left to hang on to: Jesus Christ, our Savior, the crucified One.

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