Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Good Resource for the Angry

I struggle with anger. I get frustrated when the same situations arise, and I react through angry frustration. This is my major weakness if there even was one. Those who don't know me within my own home may not be aware of this -and may even be shocked, but it is true. I have battled anger for a long, long time. In many ways I have improved, yet in some ways I really have not.

Last night I had an episode that was really bad. To have a burden like this, something that you feel you can never escape no matter how badly you hate it, is a tough thing. It brings you to tears. You feel trapped. You feel like you are starting to make progress and then WHAM! It all crumbles as you fall again. Anyway, I pulled out this little booklet I got a few years back, and I read through it. I don't remember if I read it before -I think I did, but I don't really remember these principles taught in it. It was a good read -really good in helping me see my thinking for what it is.

If you struggle with anger, man or woman, I encourage you to check out this small booklet. It is not a "cure", but it shines the light on some core issues in our thinking and in our hearts. It also has some practical insight, but it is refreshingly Gospel-centered, Christ-centered. It also does a good job at exposing some of the myths and false approaching promulgated by pop-psychology (and even Christian counselors) in our country.

It is called "Anger: Escaping the Maze" by David Powlison

Here is a link.

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