Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Remembering the First Great Awakening

Today I was thinking about a few things. I was thinking about the horrible state of our nation - with its immorality, its idolatry, is human pride oozing through every pore, its sinful hatred of God, its perversity. It is a wonder why God has not simply crushed us.

Then I thought back to times when great revival took place in our nation. I don't mean the revival tent meetings and the hocus-pocus Christianity, false piety, and holy-roller type stuff. I mean the real deal -people preaching Christ and lives being changed by the Spirit of God. I mean the period known in our country's history as the "First Great Awakening" in 1730's and 1740's.

The two most notable preachers in this period of colonial America were George Whitefield, from England, and Jonathan Edwards, who is often best known for his sermon "Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God". Oh, that we would have godly men gifted in preaching like this today going about as they did unabashedly preaching the message that is the only message worth preaching! As great as all of the practical matters are that many love to preach on in our day, let us take all of them, every single one of them, and sweep them before the throne of God. Let our hearts be laid bare. Let the holiness of the eternal and Almighty God shake us to our core and send us on our faces in awe and worship, and then let the message of His grace in the revealed Son, Jesus, the living Savior, come down like lightning to spark life and bring change into the hearts of millions in our nation. We need a new great awakening, a real one. Please, remember this in your prayers, especially now at this time of year when we remember and "give thanks". Let us remember God's faithfulness and mercy to bless faithful ministers of His Word in our nation's past. Let us pray that He would raise up godly men even now to bring the Gospel with power all over this nation. Let it be so, to the glory of God alone in Christ alone.

Here is a sermon by George Whitefield to reflect upon. May men preach again like this, may they preach to multitudes, and may God's Spirit convert the hearts!

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