Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's the Point?

Every now and then I get in these kind of moods. It can be a "mood" regarding life in general or something very specific. Today I am in a "mood" regarding blogging. Really... what is the point? Am I bringing something unique? Am I bringing something that anyone who reads this can't get somewhere else but with more accuracy, more insight, and more detail? No, not really. So what justification is there for me spending any of my time blogging?

Well, maybe I need to alter the focus of my blogging, or maybe I need to cash it in completely, or maybe I need to step back and pause. For example, if I concentrated mostly on relating my experiences, then that is certainly unique! And maybe my experiences, blessings, and trials will bless others. Hmm... Now that I think of it, it seems like that is the real question I must ask. What is my goal in writing this blog?

If it is to look smart, to provide something new and fresh and have an edge on everyone else, then I should delete all of this and shut it down. First of all, that would be justifying this blog for very fleshly reasons, and second, there would be nothing that smart or fresh that can't be read from someone else with more smarts or more freshness. However, if it is simply to bless others who read it, then that adds some clarity. Then it is not a matter of being new, or smart, or fresh, or even unique. I'm not here to impress someone. It is just a matter of putting stuff out there that has blessed me in the hopes that it will bless others. The motive is to display something that points to our Sovereign God in the hopes that others would be blessed.

This ought to be the goal of my blogging, even if it has never been. And I know that there are a variety of ways to bless people -it is not always with a nifty testimony. It is also maybe with a theological truth that has gripped my soul or an extreme perversion of one found in close proximity to many Christians. So basically... the goal is to love others and bring glory to God. To have an opportunity to do that like this is great. I don't care if one person ever reads it, if God sees fit.

So... thanks for indulging my little sidebar today. Taking a moment to step back was good -and not just in the blogosphere.

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