Tuesday, May 23, 2006

10 Desires of My Soul

Here is just a quickie of some things weighing on my heart. It was first going to be a list of about five things, but as I typed it quickly grew. This is somewhat revealing, but my guess is that I'm not alone in these desires.

Anyway, here they are:

1. That my goal would be to love the Lord Jesus rather than to be made to feel loved and special by others.

2. That I would rejoice in Him, treasure Him more, adore Him more, and worship Him more every day.

3. That I would be on fire for His glory and not my own.

4. That I would absolutely cherish humility and being "nobody".

5. That things I write or say would be seasoned with grace and for the building up of others in Christ and not the building up of my self-esteem.

6. To have greater faith in Him and His Word and to know that I am His with sweet assurance.

7. To be content with little, and to be content with where I am at every moment -even when I struggle, spiritually; not that I would be content in darkness, but that I would be content in His sovereign care... waiting, trusting, giving thanks in the midst of it.

8. To know the beauty of the cross more and to know, deep in my heart, that His blood was shed specifically for me.

9. To be drenched in the Holy Spirit so much so that the love of Christ would constrain me and overflow to all of those around me.

10. That I would be more of a firm, gracious, generous, self-sacrificing yet willling and grateful servant, husband, father, and priest for my wife and children.

May the God of all grace shine His grace upon us in the face of His Son and into our hearts. May we know the riches of His grace toward us in Christ Jesus. May we know patience and wait for Him, for He is good and hears us -all for the sake of that blood.

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