Monday, October 09, 2006

Three Smackers

A few quotes that really struck me. You can enjoy these quotes and more like them here.

John Flavel:

“What shall I say of Christ? The excelling glory of that object dazzles all apprehension, swallows up all expression. When we have borrowed metaphors from every creature that has any excellency or lovely property in it, till we have stript the whole creation bare of all its ornaments, and clothed Christ with all that glory; when we have even worn out our tongues, in ascribing praises to Him, alas! We have done nothing, when all is done.

Look often upon Christ in this glass; He is fairer than the children of men. View Him believingly, and you cannot but like and love Him. ‘For love, when it sees, cannot but cast out its spirit and strength upon amiable objects and things loveworthy.’ And what fairer things than Christ! O fair sun, and fair moon, and fair stars, and fair flowers, and fair roses, and fair lilies, and fair creatures! But, O ten thousand, thousand times fairer Lord Jesus! Alas, I wronged Him in making the comparison this way. O black sun and moon; but O fair Lord Jesus! O black flowers, and black lilies and roses; but O fair fair, ever fair Lord Jesus! O all fair things, black, deformed, and without beauty, when ye are set beside the fairest Lord Jesus! O black heaven, but O fair Christ! O black angels, but O surpassingly fair Lord Jesus.”

–John Flavel, Fountain of Life Opened Up. (Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 2002), pp. 4-5.

How often do we sit and ponder how beautiful and excellent Christ is? How often are we taken by that heavenly vision in our mind's eye?

Martin Luther

“This evil is planted in all human hearts by nature: If God were willing to sell His grace, we would accept it more quickly and gladly than when He offers it for nothing.”

–Martin Luther, from a lecture on on Genesis 25:31-34. What Luther Says: An Anthology. Ed. by Ewald M. Plass (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing, 1959), Volume Two, p. 604.

Can we say this of ourselves? I dare to say that I see this evil in myself! I know it too well!

David Brainerd

“Lord’s Day, July 26. This day, I saw clearly that I should never be happy, yea, that God Himself could not make me happy, unless I could be in a capacity to ‘please and glorify Him forever.’ Take away this and admit me into all the fine havens that can be conceived of by men or angels, and I should still be miserable forever.”

–David Brainerd, The Life and Diary of David Brainerd. Ed. Jonathan Edwards. (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1949), p. 357.

The song of the redeemed heart! I shall be satisfied in nothing less than having Him and praising Him and glorifying Him in so having Him. Nothing else will do!

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