Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Unregenerate Church

An interesting article about the SBC with their problem of nominal Christianity. The main point is the issue of what has happened to the SBC over the years... 16 million "members" but how many converted? Second to that is... how easily it can happen to our church or any denomination.

Three thoughts:
1. Theology really does matter. When you pump people through the "make a decision for Jesus" machine, and 2/3 of them never come back or participate in the body of Christ (but think they are Christians), what do you expect?

2. We need to pray for the Church. It seems our collective tendency is toward spiritual decay -spiritual entropy. We need God's Spirit actively moving. We need God! We need Christ to build His Church, and we need to give up on all of the fluffly tactics we employ to do it.

3. It makes me think of a virus inoculation. There is not enough Jesus to infect you, but there is just enough to make you "immune" to Him. Scary. (I stole this little metaphor from Jeff)

Is there a formula to fix it? It seems like some of the folks in the article believe we need some stricter guidelines and resolutions. That may help, but I think a lot of it revolves around these three things above, too. Of course, I really don't have any experience to make that kind of judgment. This is just what I see.

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