Monday, March 19, 2007

In God We Trust

I am usually not an "issues" kind of guy. I usually don't get wrapped up or write about how the 10 Commandments are being removed from such and such courthouse wall. I don't tend to forward the email out to everybody I know with the tag insinuating that "if you really love God" you will "pass this on." I do need to be careful, though, because I can't exclude myself from getting caught up in things. I do, more than I probably am aware of.

I remember recently receiving one of those mass-forward emails about the new 1 Dollar gold coins we have. It was full of all this talk about how "In God We Trust" is not included, and the note exhorted Christians to sort of "boycott" the use of the coin, in protest. Less than a week later, I read a news clip about how many of these coins, in circulation, lack the inscription due to an unknown error in the pressing of these coins. In other words, it wasn't by design. There is no grand conspiracy, here. We aren't being persecuted by the new American currency.

It really seems silly and sad that we almost are looking for ways to pose ourselves as persecuted and victimized in this country, despite how privileged we are. We seem to do a lot of whining, but we neglect our greatest weapon, which is the gospel. We would rather whip up hysteria and rise up in outcry as some kind of "battered victims."

We have a supernatural weapon, and we need to use it. We aren't persecuted. We aren't being killed or imprisoned for our faith. We can walk downtown and openly proclaim the gospel, hand out tracts, feed the poor and tell them about Jesus. We can assemble every Sunday without thinking twice about if we will be bombed or shot at. We can do all these things at zero risk (notwithstanding what people might think of us if we actually believe what we say we believe). We need to get over this garbage. We are priveliged, and I must soberly put myself in this category when I say, with trembling, that we will all stand before the Lord one day and account for what we have done with such privilege. I am not confident that my excuse will be satisfactory. Are you?

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