Monday, July 30, 2007

Where have I been?

I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I used to. There are a number of reasons for this, and I think most of them are actually pretty good ones.

1. I've been trying not to use work time for doing things other than work.

2. I've had to put my time and heart into things that are more important, like my wife and children. Thanks be to God for kicking my rear about that.

3. I've been doing more private journalling than blog or article writing. To tell you the truth, I've hit sort of a writer's block.

4. With that, I think I've realized how often I would write about stuff that I really didn't know all that much about. Perhaps I was a little self-important or enflamed with zeal for the ideas of someone else.

5. I've been building a fence that will never get done if I don't get off of this computer.

6. I've been reading some great stuff that has been working through some theological difficulties I have personally suffered with for years now. Thomas Boston and John Calvin have been immensely helpful.

7. I've been back home in Boston, visiting family. Cape Cod was great.

8. I've been doing all of this while still doing what I can to help out at Coram Deo, our local church-plant. This will be the year, I believe, that will make or break this church. I've been somewhat discouraged about it for quite some time, to be honest. I must trust God and stop worrying about it. It is hard when you have expectations and hopes (even really good and godly ones), but you don't see them materializing. It is easy to get discouraged and forget who is in charge. :)

Now... back to work!

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SteveS said...

Hey Tim,
Steve S from the scrupe group. Just wanted to say hi! I have been studying Reformed Theology over the last few years since you first introduced me to it. I have seen that it is in the scriptures and God has helped me to see that He is glorified in choosing His own! It was a long struggle between realizing the truth of it in scripture and coming to love it I must admit! I would like to get in touch by e-mail. I share alot of your same struggles and respect your counsel!
In Christ,
Steve Shapiro