Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving Forward and Moving Outward

Ok, so my last post was a little negative. I think the picture of the torched church might have had something to do with it. I think it might be symbolic, though, of some of the harder issues involved in being part of a small church plant. By no means do I think our little church plant is burned to the ground, and I do hope that those who left will return -but then again, to be honest, maybe it is good that some of them have left. I don't mean it for hard feelings, but I mean that if they aren't happy and are half-hearted in their affiliation to this local body, then they should commit to a body they believe in -hopefully one with qualified elders and sound teacher, etc. I will miss them.

As I mentioned in the previous post, in many ways, the church is trucking on, but in some ways, we are starting over. We have a new leader who is in the process of helping build a foundation. One of the things I am working with him on is a way to turn our men's lunch group, which was meeting once a week, into a time for prayer, encouragement, strategizing, and even some training -all geared toward going out into the community with the Gospel. In other words, the focus will be missional... encouraging a missionary vision toward the community and the world. Rather than sitting around and talking about work, which can be good, we will be talking about the Gospel and spreading a passion for Jesus Christ in this town. We will be, Lord willing, cultivating a vision for this community.

After reading this (http://www.goodmanson.com/2007-09/20/are-church-plants-the-most-effective-form-of-evangelism/), I am reminded of how novel that vision really seems. Can we have a vision for the whole town? The author notes:

"What would happen if your churches vision expanded beyond the four walls of your building and including transforming the entire city you lived in? In order for something of this nature to occur, God has got to show up. This would require a change of heart of the people and the faith/desperation of seeking Him out."

Yes, God must show up. This is nothing short of revival. I don't mean the Finney-esque revival. I mean real revival. God shows up and powerfully moves the gospel and the mercy of His kingdom, through His people's efforts, onto a community. May our little church, our little body of believing friends, become a great light -not for our glory, but for His. Please pray for our efforts and for our hearts to be enflamed for this work, yet so that we do not neglect our other callings (like our wives... hehe).

Lord, bless our efforts to bring your Gospel to our homes, to our work, to our community, and to the world. Give us boldness, make the fire of the Gospel brighter and more joyful in our own lives, and use our meager efforts to open eyes and gather people for your possession. Grant that we would make disciples for your honor.

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