Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why Read the Bible?

I sort of re-realized this yesterday, and I wanted to write it down because I thought it was important... although short.

Why read the Bible? Why should we read it every day? Is it so that we can learn a lot? Is it so we can know stuff? Yes, I would say there is truth to that, but that isn't the only reason.

I think we read it because thte Spirit of God impresses our souls through it. It is a means of grace, not just because it gives us information, but because the information, even the words, impresses our souls. The Spirit uses it to impress upon us, to hit us with the words, maybe even a word or a phrase. This may enliven our soul, bring conviction, or give us wisdom in a new light.

I think this is how preaching is to be, too. It is not just conveying data. It is seeking to portray it in order to impress the soul, which granted only the Spirit can do. Tim Keller, referring to M L Jones, was noting this. It is not merely the job of preaching to convey information but to make it vivid.

Of course...I'm not a preacher, but I do see a correspondence between this function of the Word read and the Word preached. Interesting...

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