Sunday, November 04, 2007

What's our Problem?

Which one of the following represents our most serious and earnest problem as people?
a) We aren't living up to our potential for happiness and success.
b) We weren't loved enough somewhere along the line, and now we lash out because we have low self-esteem
c) We are depraved creatures who have, universally, rebelled against God. We do not just do bad things, we love darkness -we prefer just about anything more than the True and Living God.
d) Global warming


Which of the following represents the solution to our most serious and earnest problem?
a) We need to realize how much God loves us and then implement His principles and plan for blessing and change and success so that we can live happy and full lives right now.
b) We need to learn how much God loves us so that our "love cup" can be full and we can start being better people.
c) Nothing we can do. The God of the universe condescended to save His enemies by sending the Divine Son of God in human flesh, living the righteous life we should live, dying on the cross as a satisfaction to divine justice for all our wickedness and rebellion, and rising from the grave in victory over sin and death... making a way of peace with Him for His enemies such that all who turn and believe in that Divine Son of God, Jesus Christ, will be saved and brought into His Kingdom, as His people, forever.
d) Al Gore

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