Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jesus: Profile of a Man

The more I look at Jesus the man, as depicted for us in the New Testament, the more I see a man that I want to be like.  Sure, He did miracles and is the Son of God.  But I'm talking about His character and, for lack of better terms, His psychological and emotional makeup.

He was not a people-pleaser.  He did not subject Himself to the opinions of others.  He did not fret and torture Himself to be liked or to cling on to particular individuals.

He was did not play the victim.  He was victimized, more unjustly than any man who ever lived, and yet He did not take the posture of a victim -inferior, victimized, self-pitying, and self-absorbed with is own troubles.  He did not whine or complain.  He did not curse the day He was born or become bitter with God or others for His lot in life.

But Jesus was not emotionally numb of callous.  Lots of people don't let people's opinions get to them, and lots of people do not play the victim when tragedy or betrayal strikes, but it is usually because they are somewhat arrogant, narcissistic, or emotionally numb.  Jesus was none of these.  Jesus was humble and fully in touch with who He was and what He felt -becoming indiginant enough to drive the money-changers out of the temple and sorrowful enough to weep with his friends by the grave of His friend, Lazarus.  He felt the joy of fellowship, the peace of intimacy with His Father, and the sting of betrayal from close friends.  And He did not stand above others.  Jesus cared about and connected with people.  He did not stride through with an air of arrogance, dismissing the opinions of those "lesser people" as we might be tempted to do.  He was able to simultaneously deeply care about people, immersing Himself into their world, and yet not be ruled by their opinions.

Jesus was free.  He was freely Himself, freely in touch with Himself, free from the need to please others, and free from the need to be deterred from who He is to take the posture of a victim.

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