Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Love and Acceptance

In this world, many times love and acceptance in relationships looks like this: I love you if... I accept you if...  I want to leave you when you don't live up to my expectations or satisfy me, and I will only stay with you and accept you if you do this and change in this way.  You do the work, and I'll decide if I accept you.

God loves and accepts us like this:  I love you because I love youI do the work to accept you.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.

That is real love and acceptance.

I believe the most fatal mistake we can make is to live in this world without living in reality.  That goes with everything.  If I believe standing in front of a speeding truck won't kill me, I'm making a fatal mistake.  If I believe that I do not sin or that I can atone for my own sins by trying to be good, I'm making a fatal mistake.  And if I believe that I can live in this world without experiencing sin, betrayal, and rejection, I'm making a fatal mistake.  It may not look fatal on the surface, but it will prove fatal in time, as I shrink in fear and isolation and bitterness.  Reality mandates that every man accept the reality of rejection and learn to stand on his own his own two feet.

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