Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jesus among other gods

It is not as though there is anything wrong with wanting good and great things -the love of a spouse that will never go away, the love and allegiance and happiness of our children, our dream job, wealth, health, etc.  It is that even the very best of things can and eventually will fail you or come to an end.  They will tarnish, they will wax and wane. They can be threatened in a myriad of ways, and even if they endure it all death will still rip them from our grasp.

There is only One thing that can never be taken from us and will never leave us.  His name is Jesus.  He is not a thing.  He is a Person.  He is a Person who came down into your place and gave Himself up for you, orbitting around you so that you would orbit around Him.  And the way He did this for you makes Him an even better fit for the central Figure in your life.  He gave Himself up for you by suffering in this world.

Imagine an animal suffering, say a cat.  Horrible to see and hear.  But when you see a human suffering, can we agree that the suffering is deeper and more complex, perhaps a few levels higher?  Now consider what it was for the God-man to suffer.

He is the One who will never leave you nor forsake you, the One who understands your condition, the One who suffered for you and suffers with you, the One who is able to be that central Foundation for you and will not break under the weight of your longing and need.  He will not take being used as a means to an end, however.  He is the end.  Having His presence is the prize.  Anything and anyone else will not only disappoint you if you hold it in that place in your life -It will devastate you, and you will self-destruct when you lose it.  Refusing to face the pain and loss, you will eat yourself alive in a frenzy of perpetual suicide.

They were not mean to take His place.  Jesus is not merely about some distant hope of "getting to heaven some day."  He is about reconnecting us with the One who made us right now, re-establishing the Kingdom of God within us by His Spirit, by His presence.  It isn't about some far off time in some far off ethereal place where we get to see our dead relatives.  It is about getting to have Him now, growing from degree to degree, intensity to intensity.

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