Monday, April 22, 2013


Open-minded: What people call themselves who believe that nobody should say they are right about anything, that no one should make any moral evaluations about anyone's choices, beliefs, or desires, and that exclusive beliefs are dangerous... unless of course we are talking about the "open-minded". Then it is perfectly permissible to believe you are right, condemn those 'bigots' who disagree with you, and exclude them for going against these aforementioned beliefs.

Closed-minded: What are you called if you disagree with the "open-minded."
This is a sad reality much of the time these days, is it not?  Bigotry goes both ways.  It can come from both the ultra-traditional religious racists with their "God hates fags" signs and the "open-minded" progressives who preach their "tolerance" while demonizing and condemning and sneering at the conservatives who disagree with them, accusing them of "hate".  What could be more like hate than either of these actions?

What do I think open-mindedness really is? Open-mindedness is not this illusion of "tolerance" I describe above. And open-mindedness is not having no opinion about anything. I believe real open-mindedness is when you can put aside all of the nonsense about being "too exclusive", own up to the fact that all beliefs and viewpoints are by definition exclusive of opposing viewpoints, listen to and seek to understand the viewpoints of others without sneering contempt, humbly try to be aware of your own biases and preconceptions and the possibility that you may have missed something, and yet still stick to your view if, in the end, you feel it is right, true, and best.

Real open-mindedness means that you humbly want the truth to master you rather than you mastering a viewpoint to try to make it "the truth." To be open-minded, you have to want to find the truth, regardless of if it means the "bad people" are right or if everything you invested yourself in and went through has deceived you. It means you want to know the truth even if it costs you your reputation.

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