Wednesday, August 14, 2013

There's Something Wrong, and We Know it

Somewhere inside, we all know that there is something wrong with this world, and we don't really know why we know it.  We just do.  We know that this world is not how it should be.  Yet we live in a kind of denial about it.  How so?  We do not deny that there are things wrong -things in the world, things in our life at any given moment, things we see happen to a loved one- but we deny that it is part of a bigger whole, a world that is permanently broken, a world that is not how it should be and won't ever be.  This world will never be what it ought.  It will never be heaven on earth.  It will never satisfy. 

Somewhere, we know this, but we don't want to believe it.  We run from it.  We bury that part of us and seek to find, or create, heaven on earth.  We try to turn this world into what we think it ought to be.  This sounds harmless at first, and truly there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the world.  The problem is that you have 8 billion people each with their own idea of heaven on earth, each with their own idea of what God and others should do to make it that way, each raging at God and others in their own special way because it isn't.  Each person has their own fantasy, though they have common themes, and they impose that fantasy upon the world around them, and they live out of the rage and disappointment that follows.

Why do this?  Because we do not want to live in reality.  We want to live in denial.  We would rather live behind a facade and dull that part of us that knows the world is broken because it means we don't have to face the ultimate pain and grief of knowing we will never have, for example, the person we love as it could and should be.  Instead we get, ironically, their facade... their empty front, while they also retreat from the part of them that painfully sees the world as it is.  And so it is madness.

God forbid we find the courage to face that part of us, and come out of our shells and learn to depend on someone who is worthy of our dependence.  Then, and only then, can we really come out and see that side of ourselves, the side we buried long ago when we discovered the world for what it really is.

What happens when we wake up and face this part of ourselves?  We find our real selves, and we find Jesus there.  He says, "It's about time.  I've been sitting here for ages waiting for you.  Now, come close to me, be with me, lean on me, and let's see what we can do to love this world as it is until the time when I return and make all things new.  Then you will be with me, and you will find more than just a taste of what you long for.  You will have more than your fill.  You will find the world that is how it ought to be, the age that is what we all long for, and I will be there with you to rejoice in you enjoying it.  It does not come by your own efforts and micromanagement of the people and situations around you.  It comes as a gift, a new creation.  I am preparing a place for you."

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