Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Truth Hurts

"It's funny how most people consider honesty a virtue yet nobody wants to hear the truth."

This is true.  We do seem to have an aversion to the truth.  It is hard-wired in some weird sense.  When the truth confronts some of our most cherished strongholds, we will not relent easily.  We will deny, run, deflect, project, and do anything to either discredit or downplay the claim against us or put the other person on the defensive.

Yet sometimes people don't want to hear the "truth" because its either only your opinion which you blindly and carelessly blow out your mouth, as though you are some kind of expert on other people, or because it is truth spoken without love.

See, when "truth" is used to put people down or elevate yourself, it betrays the One who is the Truth.  People love to use the "truth" in this way when they are angry, for example, and then they say something equally as cold when they see how it hurt the hearer... "It's not my fault you cannot handle the truth."  Shameless.

Granted, some people could not see the love in your words even if you put it right in front of their faces, but could part of the problem be that there isn't any?

We love to use the "truth" for all kinds of reasons, deceiving ourselves into thinking that our intentions are purely noble.  We conveniently hide behind the fact that the truth is the truth -the sterile, objective, impartial, blind, non-emotional facts.  It doesn't pick sides.  It just is what it is.  But in so doing, we turn a blind eye to how we are using the "truth" (if it really is the truth) in a certain way and for a certain purpose.  That, my friends, is never purely objective.

There is a flawed person behind those words and intentions.  The truth may be impartial but we certainly are not.  We may want to hurt people, put them down, lift ourselves up, show our dominance, show how smart we think we are, control them, or simply reject them while leaving them with the final, echoing message that they are wrong, flawed, and deserving of our dismissal and we are right.  We use the truth to win, to manipulate, and to dominate.

Yet how often do we really stand across from someone, eye-to-eye, standing in their shoes, and tell them the truth in love?

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