Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Interesting Twist

The other day I commented about a situation in which a lesbian server at a restaraunt claimed she was not tipped because she is gay, even posting to Facebook a copy of the receipt with a message scrawled on it about not approving of her "lifestyle".  She opened up a paypal account and collected a few thousand dollars in donations all over the world.  My comments can be found here.

Well, here is an interesting development that you have to check out. The family recognized their receipt on the news and spoke up, claiming that they did tip her and never wrote those things on the receipt.  Their proof?  They have a customer copy of the receipt, with the same date/time-stamp, showing an $18 tip, and they supplied a copy of their credit card statement which shows a charge in the total amount shown on their customer copy, not the copy Morales, the gay server, posted to Facebook.  Who is telling the truth?  Hmm....

Here's the video.

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