Saturday, November 16, 2013

One of the Stupidest Things I've Seen in a While

An article on the Today News website entitled Waitress denied tip for 'gay lifestyle' gets flood of support tells the tale of how a waitress's bad day was turned to good.  Rather than receiving a tip, waitress Danya Morales received a note on her ticket that reads, "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life."  Morales was understandably offended by this, posted about it on Facebook, and eventually set up a Paypal account, in which she has received over $1000 in donations, which she plans to donate to certain charities.

My first thought on this is... "My God, I hope the guy who wrote that note is not a Christian."  That is exactly the kind of stupidity that makes Christ and His Gospel look foolish.  It plays right into the belief that Christians are self-righteous, backwards bigots.  When I think about tipping someone, I think about how the service was.  Period.  How did the person know they are gay?  Did she announce it or something?  If so, so what.  She is fulfilling her role as a server.  For the love of God, tip her based on that.  Should we go around asking personal questions of waitresses and cashiers?  "Hey, tell me... have you ever lied?  Have you ever cheated on your wife?"  "Where do you go to church?"  "Sorry, I can't tip you because I don't agree with how you live your life."  Stupid.

God uses all people -and we are all sinners in our own ways- to bring his common grace to all the rest of us.  What a privilege it is to live in a country where you can go out to a restaurant and enjoy a meal that someone else prepares and someone else brings to you.  What a gift.  And God uses whom He wills to fill the roles necessary for such a thing to happen.  "Oh no... they are GAY!?  We can't have any sinners doing that.  That will just be providing them with a job and a livelihood by which they will continue their gayness.  I might as well rent her and her lesbian lover a room at a hotel and pay for the toys!"  By this absurd logic, who could escape its condemnation?  After all, who really knows if the next waiter I tip is going to use that money to buy groceries for his dying mother or to go out to a strip club?

But more thoughts came, don't you worry.  Here's what I don't really get.  I don't ask anybody to agree with my lifestyle.  I would be hurt if someone wrote a note like that to me, for sure, perhaps because I'm a Christian.  I'd be pissed.  And I might write about it on Facebook.  But I'd get over it.  Why?  Because I don't need others to approve of my lifestyle.  In fact, I already know many people probably won't, so why cry about it?  I just hope I don't lose my job, get beat up, or thrown in jail for it. I guess my expectations are low.  I wouldn't be setting up a Paypal account to rally people for my cause and take donations.  And this is what I don't get about the Gay movement -why does it seem that things have gone from freedom from oppression and abuse, which I whole-heartedly agree with, to the demand that others agree with and support your lifestyle?  Why is there such a hyper-sensitive demand for preferential treatment?  It's like with all the focus on tolerance in our culture, people are more sensitive and more dramatic.  It is ridiculous. 

You're gay.  Great.  Welcome to the messed up mass of humanity.  Yes, I think homosexuality is morally wrong for various reasons, but I also think it is morally wrong to discriminate against you and oppress you because of it.  And I'm entitled to believe that way, and I really don't have a problem working with you, having you serve me food, or even being your friend.  But nobody gets to sit there and demand that somehow your lifestyle is special and require that everybody think it is ok.  If that is what anyone thinks, they need to get over themselves.

Besides, if this kind of thing happened toward a waitress because they were Christian, do you think it would make the news?  Nope.  Because Christians are "bad", so its like we deserve it, right?

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