Friday, May 09, 2014

Let it Go

I love the movie Frozen.  I saw it with my girls in the theater.  Since then, the song "Let it Go" has apparently become quite a hit, with many people drawing inspiration from it. 

Not to be a killjoy, but has it dawned on anyone that the song occurs at the place in the film where Elsa essentially gives the middle finger to the rest of the world and runs off to establish her own little isolated ice-kingdom on top of a snowy mountain?  Has it dawned on anyone that this attitude not only hurts Elsa even more and ultimately puts her sister, Anna, in mortal danger?

The clear conclusion of the movie is that Elsa was wrong in her attitude, which I felt was such a timeless lesson.  But it seems to be a lesson we have a hard time learning.  See, we like the Elsa who says "screw you" and runs off to her ice castle more.  It feels stronger, more powerful.  This attitude is found all over Facebook -countless wounded people walking around with their middle finger in the air, thinking it makes them strong.  But as the film shows, it only imprisons you and hurts others -including others you did not intend to hurt.

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