Monday, August 11, 2014

Peace with Others

"Peace" at the cost of your own soul is not peace but slavery.

The drive to have things go smoothly with a difficult person can be strong, but if you give up all of your convictions and values in the process, you have won nothing.  You have merely betrayed yourself in order to have them like you for a time.  And each time the challenge is put on the table, you will give up more of yourself until there is nothing left.  Compliance is a false peace.  But peace and truth and mutuality are friends.

This does not mean we should seek discord, but it does mean that we must swallow the difficult reality that we must press on toward what is right and true and bear the consequences of doing so.  There is a cost in both cases, in self-betrayal and in staying true, but only in staying true do we stay free as God intended and eventually reap a reward.

As the Apostle Paul wrote, "If at all possible, live at peace with all men."  Sometimes it is possible.  Other times it is not.

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