Thursday, November 06, 2014

About Love

I used to think that love meant being awesome for someone else.  I used to think that it meant being so great that you would knock their socks off and they would be so impressed by you.  I used to think that love meant impressing someone. 

But I realized that love is about vulnerability and allowing someone else to love you as the imperfect and flawed person that you are, who will never meet all their "needs".  It is about being able to receive love.  It is about swallowing your pride and embracing your very limited humanness and letting someone else see it. 

And this is the problem that makes love so hard.  See, that takes something greater than being Mr. impressive.  It takes courage.  It means taking a massive risk.  It means putting yourself out there for someone to either love you or not, to take you and commit to you or not.

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