Monday, February 27, 2006

About God's Promises

Here are a few random thoughts again on God's promises:

1. When someone makes you a promise, by nature it depends on the promiser to fulfill it. This can be both in regards to a good promise or a bad one. If someone promises me, "I will get you one of these days," then that is a promise of vengeance, but the fact remains that its fulfillment depends upon the promiser's ability and will to keep the promise. If either of them are lacking, for whatever reason, then the promise dangles into nothingness. This could be because of something within the promiser, an external circumstance, or even something within me. Perhaps I die of natural causes before the man strikes. Then the man's promise of vengeance meets his inability to fulfill it. My absence, due to death, creates a situation of inability for the vengeful man.

2. It is not so with God. God has both the ability to keep all of His promises and the will to do it. There are no circumstances which are able to thwart either. In fact, He not only has the ability to keep them He is unable to do otherwise. He is the Sovereign of the universe, the One who spake creation into existence, the One whose hand is stayed by no one. He accomplishes all His will, and He does so perfectly. He works all things according to the counsel of His will. Even my own weakness shall not keep Him from fulfilling His promise. And then we remember that He is also holy and good and perfect, without a shadow of turning. He cannot lie, He does not draw back from His promises. He is zealous for His faithfulness because He is zealous for His own glory. His faithfulness magnifies His glory. He is willing, more willing than any other being, to keep His promises.

These together, coupled with the utter sufficiency of Jesus Christ as Savior, form a more than adequate warrant for faith -a true faith which rests and reposes upon Christ and all that which God has promised us in Him. These also outline the very nature of faith, its passivity. For if the Promiser is the one who keeps the promise, what is there for us to do but believe Him? Is there one ounce added, one finger lifted by us to bring this about? Not at all. Thus, knowing this, we rest and patiently trust in His faithfulness. We rest in the promise of His doing, not ours.