Monday, June 19, 2006

New Blog: Jesus is Jehovah

Hello my huge blog audience! :) I thought I would clue you in on a new blog I put together that has been taking the majority of my blogging time. It is called "Jesus is Jehovah." It is a blog for documenting some of my findings regarding the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses) and their horrible abuse of the text of Scripture known as the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures in the face of the Biblical teaching on the Deity of Christ. Here is a link:

Now, is it a waste of time? Some out there might be like, "Well, you know... that is a waste of time. No Jehovah's Witness is ever going to read your blog and be converted." Maybe so, I don't know. Maybe it will give a Witness here or there something to think about? The goal is to put the information out there, have the Body of Christ soak it up, be edified by it, and perhaps, God willing, have something to convey to the next visiting JW that would stick in their mind, a seed perhaps.

I have been enriched greatly by the research. I have found it more and more amazing how the New Testament writers truly did believe that Jesus is YHWH, and I have found it also amazing at the lengths people will go to for the purpose of suppressing and ignoring the truth.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Resources on Roman Catholicism from a Classical Protestant Perspective: Part 1

I promised an anonymous commentor that I would post a list of some good resources. Sorry I have been so slack. It has been busy here.

I will post some articles below, but if you are interested in getting books, you may find the following helpful:

1. The God Who Justifies by James R. White (ISBN: 0764222880) This is not really a book against Roman Catholicism. It is really a modern treatment of the doctrine of justification. Thus, he doesn't spend a lot of time answering too many objections, but he does spend a lot of time in the text of Scripture. (Amazon link)

2. Evangelical Answers by Eric D. Svendsen I have not read this one, personally, nor have I read the next two, but I have heard they are excellent, and I have heard pretty much the same material via their web-casts and mp3's and articles.

3. The Roman Catholic Controversy by James R. White

4. Upon This Slippery Rock by Eric D. Svendsen

You will notice that a number of resources will be by Dr. White. I appreciate Dr. White's stuff, even though some RC apologists really don't like him (I think that is more because he has answers to their arguments), because he always tries to represent the other side (JW's, Mormonism, Islam, RC, you name it) as fairly and honestly as possible -using first-hand sources and trying to understand what is truly being asserted. I also like his stuff because he is skilled at exegeting the text of Scripture and very knowledgeable in the original Biblical languages and Church history. The other guy, Eric Svendsen, is also really good. He has a lot of knowledge of Patristic sources and Church history, as well. You may or may not be familiar with both of these guys. If you are familiar with them, then I just pray that if any bias exists against them you would put it aside long enough to consider what they have to say.

Here are a few articles, some by Dr. White, and others by William Webster:

- An article on the concept of "Living Tradition" - William Webster
- A compilation of Patristic exegesis of Matthew 16:18 - William Webster
- More on the Church Fathers and Matthew 16:18 - William Webster
- A Biblical and Historical look at Penance and Confession - William Webster
- Two articles on Sola Scriptura (First, Second) - William Webster
- Justification: Biblical teaching, Roman teaching - William Webster
- Ecumenical Council condemns a Pope for heresy - William Webster
- Decent overview of Roman Catholic Dogmas - William Webster
- Citations from Roman Catholic sources that do anything but clarify the Gospel - James White
- Circular reasoning among RC's for Petrine primacy - James White
- RC apologists and John 6 - James White
- Some reflectioins on Hebrews 10 and the sacrifice of the Mass - James White
- "monarchial episcopate" in the early church? An examination of some RC apologist arguments - James White
- The use of the Greek subjunctive in a "hina clause" which shows purpose, not possibility, in response to the erroneous claim of Tim Staples, an RC apologist - Colin Smith
- Jesus, Peter, and the Keys. A summary response - James White
- "Upon this Rock" - James White
- The empty hand of faith, electronic tract - James White

I hope this is a good start! I would put some more, but I have been swamped lately. I am in the middle of studying the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses to try to demostrate to a family-member how erroneous their views of Christ and their New World Translation truly are. :)