Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pretended Neutrality Again

Was reading this article by Al Mohler

He quotes the author of the Sunday Times article as saying:

"But if our political leaders cite faith as their political guide, then how do we distinguish ourselves from the religious extremists who wreak havoc in our world?"

Here is the ol' "Religious people are dangerous because they are religious. Secularists, however, are unbiased and rational." The fallacy of pretended neutrality, again.

We, as believers, need to be prepared to deal with this foolish bigotry. Such folks, as Mohler points out, will insist they are not "militant secularists," but this is what is really in motion, here. This is not "reason" vs. "religion." It is simply a clash of worldviews. The secularist operates just as much upon his "religion" as does the Christian. His religion is just a different religion. It isn't theistic; it is humanistic, naturalistic, and materialistic, but it is a religion. We both have a fundamental way of looking at reality that is held to by faith. This is the most essential thing for believers to grasp in addressing this attitude. Enough of this, "But, religion can be helpful." Enough of the pleas to look at the past and how Christianity has shaped this nation and others. People are always going to see what they want to see... because they aren't unbiased and neutral, and we need to stop pretending that they are.

I'm not neutral. I have worldview that is defined upon the Word of God, the Word of the Maker of all things. You may not like this worldview. You may even call it evil. But don't give me this foolishness about you upholding "neutrality," or "objective" reasoning, and others being biased.